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Infinite Athlete

… aims to inspire lifelong engagement in athletic development and physical activity for all young people. Irrespective of current level of talent or access to strength and conditioning support we have created a bio-banded and actionable testing battery. Our programmes are academically underpinned and will expose young people to a variety of fun and engaging methods to get fit and stay fit for sport performance or for health and fitness. The concept has been developed by UKSCA and BASES accredited practitioners experienced in paediatric sport and exercise science.

Strength & Power

 To improve movement competency we have separated the strength and power program into two blocks, Expose & Prepare. There are 3 Expose Levels and 6 Prepare Levels

Each block lasts 6 weeks, and movement complexity and volume of the exercises gradually increase as pupils progress from Expose Level 1 to Prepare Level 6.  All training blocks consist of:

  • Time efficient and challenging R.A.M.P. warmups
  • Primal patterns
  • Hip and Knee dominant strength exercises
  • Plyometrics
  • Olympic lifting derivatives
  • Progressive movement challenges.


 Acceleration & C.O.D

This aspect of the program is split into 9 programs with the aim of developing how well pupils  move prior to exposing them to large volumes and speed of movement.  Each program lasts 6 weeks and  consists of:

  • Speed specific R.A.M.P warm up
  • Progressions and regressions of acceleration & top speed drills
  • Various start positions for acceleration to challenge co-ordination and teach appropriate mechanics
  • Progressively challenging change of direction drills.

Sport Specific

To allow pupils sample to variety of sports we have created a progressive library that will continually grow of sports and activities that pupils can do at home with limited space and equipment.


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